Jace Benson has built an AWESOME ServiceNow news aggregation service. If it’s being talked about in the ServiceNow ecosystem, Jace has probably covered it! He also has a weekly newscast if reading it isn’t your thing!


If you haven’t checked out SNUtils by the fantastic Arnoud Kooi, you’re probably adding hours to your daily tasks! Honestly, it makes development in the platform SO MUCH EASIER! It’s easy to use and it’s feature packed! I especially like the column names printed on forms! Don’t forget to give him a follow on Twitter while you’re at it!

ServiceNow Interview Questions

Looking to get your start in ServiceNow? Not sure what might be asked of you? Look no further than the PhxDev Interview Question document! It’s a PDF for your reading pleasure. Make flashcards, make copies for your friends, whatever you need, it’s all yours! PS: If you think of any questions, let me know !

REST in IntegrationHub - ServiceNow Developer

If you’re looking for a step by step guide to get up and running with integrations in ServiceNow, this is it! Create your very first IntegrationHub Spoke and connect it to a Lego API. This will get you familiar with the concepts and actually get to work with some real world data.

Learn Javascript On the Now Platform

This is THE Javascript guide! If you’re just starting out, Chuck Tomasi will shape you into a master! This series covers everything you need to start writing scripts on the platform!


Netlify does webhosting. But they do it better than anybody else. It’s CI/CD driven so you can instantly deploy changes as you go. It’s got a native GitHub integration which makes setup a breeze. Did I mention it’s also got a distributed CDN, domain manager, and build checking tools? Oh and it’s free if you’re deploying static sites (like Hugo)! Honestly, it’s amazing. This site is hosted there!


If you’re looking to deploy a static site (think one not dependent on a database), look no further than Hugo. It’s what’s building this site in less than one minute and once built, the pages are served up in sub second time. It uses markdown to create pages and posts. Then the markdown files are committed to a git branch and the site rebuilds. Automagically! It’s really easy to use and honestly pretty bullet proof once you’re up and running!